Brooke’s House, a home for adult women recovering from alcohol and substance use disorders, was founded to honor the memory of Brooke Erin Simmers. Brooke tragically died from an overdose at the age of nineteen.

Brooke's House Mission

The mission of Brooke’s House is to inspire and empower women suffering from the disease of addiction by providing them a safe, stable, and emotionally supportive living environment while in the early stages of recovery. Ensuring a tranquil, home-like facility, Brooke’s House provides state-of-the-art treatment and recovery services and resources to help residents move forward to achieve their dreams of living drug-free and productive lives.

Experts acknowledge that a sober living facility for individuals in early recovery is known to be beneficial along the way to ultimate rehabilitation. Brooke’s House provides an effective community-based, sober living environment where women work to remake their lives.

Brooke’s House is designed to inspire growth and change, strengthening women’s minds, bodies and spirits so they can pursue and achieve their dreams.

Brooke's House Chocolate

Brooke’s House Chocolate is one avenue that will help sustain Brooke’s House, as well as provide a sense of participation, accomplishment, and skills that can carry over into recovery and a new, productive life. Residents will have a stake in supporting the House through the success of chocolate making and sales. That success will serve to boost esteem and a sense of industry and accomplishment. Being able to assimilate positive work ethics and skills will assist residents in finding productive work in the community.

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