First chocolate-making event held on June 2, 2018

It may not be a name brand, yet, but it's still chocolate and it's in very high demand leaving folks asking one question: "Where can I buy Brooke's House Chocolate?"

Friends, family and supporters of Brooke's House joined together on June 2 at Clopper's Grove in Blairs Valley for a full, but rewarding day of melting chocolates and making and decorating Brooke's House chocolate.

Ninety pounds of white, milk and dark chocolate were used to make 64 dozen chocolate coated pretzel rods, 39 pounds of nonpareils, 83 containers of chocolate drizzled caramel corn and 70 containers of cinnamon cocoa marshallow crunch popcorn, and 63 containers of caramel corn.

Candy labels were printed and donated by Hub Labels and wired pink ribbon donated by Berwick Offray, both of Hagerstown, MD.

The business concept of making

chocolates for profit was created

this past January when Mike Griffin

from Cape Cod saw an interview

of Kevin Simmers on Martha

MacCallum's show "The Story"

on Fox News.

The chocolates made their debut

at the Brooke's House Picnic on

June 28 at the Potomac Fish &

Game Club in Williamsport, MD. Brooke's House Chocolate will be one of the ways that residents of the home will generate a source of revenue to support the house.

Where can I purchase

Brooke's House Chocolate?

Rider Jet Center /

The Grille at Runways

This beautiful cooler

loaded with delicious

Brooke's House Chocolate

can be found at

Rider Jet Center /

The Grille at Runways

located at

18539 Henson Blvd.

Hagerstown, MD

Chocolates are made

only once per month and

supplies are limited.

Stop by to make your purchase TODAY before they are GONE

Kevin Simmers and Mike Griffin

© 2018 Brooke's House Chocolate